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Tinder states it offers North Korean users. Bullshit.

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Kim Jong Un, by using the closest thing that North Korea needs to Tinder. KCNA

Tinder’s formal Twitter levels got a touch of a crisis later on Tuesday, over a mirror Fair article that portrayed the online dating software’s consumers as vapid sex hunters. Possibly the oddest tweet it sent got this package, implying that Tinder is definitely such a resource for good in the arena that it’s also delivering everyone collectively in totalitarian North Korea:

Communicate with our lots of customers in China and North Korea just who find a way to fulfill men on Tinder despite the reality myspace are prohibited.

— Tinder (Tinder) August 11, 2021

Thus could it be real? Include North Koreans really using Tinder?

It’s hard to say nothing needless to say when considering a people as sealed off from the entire world as North Korea, but the answer is perhaps not. This really is a totalitarian police county, in the end, where citizens is held locked inside an internet-free community. It’s not like Asia or Iran, in which certain social media solutions include obstructed but consumers get around these with things like proxy providers. Signing on is just not possible.

So it looks very unlikely that North Korea will allow citizens to utilize a Western social networking app, or that North Koreans might have the way to get it illegally.

That said, possibly — feasible! Continue reading Tinder states it offers North Korean users. Bullshit.