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How Facebook knows who you could online be dating

By Jay CockburnNewsbeat reporter

Users of dating apps have actually expressed issues about their privacy after their matches showed up as “suggested friends” on Facebook.

It really is happened on apps like Tinder and Grindr and individuals we have spoken to possess called it “creepy”.

“There are people whoever title might just arrive as ‘looking’,” 26-year-old Dale told Newsbeat.

“after which unexpectedly the truth is them on Facebook,” he said.

Dale explained that their Grindr profile is not associated with their Facebook account but he says he nevertheless gets individuals he is spoken to recommended to him.

“I’m sure just what their complete names are and I also’m thinking ‘we recognise these’.

“[On] like you would on Facebook… you don’t really know who these people are grindr you control your privacy, you don’t put all your information on there.

“I had bad experiences with individuals on Grindr in past times – I do not want them learning my final title, which area i am from… it is a bit uncomfortable actually.”

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