Tax Season Loan. Annualised portion price as little as 1.35percent and up to HKD2,000 earnings rebate

Protect your private online techniques, stay away from fraudulent links: we’ll never ever deliver any mail or SMS with a link asking you to log in to your Personal e-Banking or to render information that is personal. View additional safety ideas

After activating / changing your Cellular phone Security the answer to an innovative new unit, you will have to confirm their personality through the use of any Hang Seng Bank or HSBC ATM (Select “Other services” > “Identity confirmation for Portable protection crucial activation”) or call our very own Hotline (852) 2822 0228 (cell financial PIN, or Voice ID expected) one which just incorporate a number of our very own move applications

In light of COVID-19, all Hang Seng branches posses adopted unique measures and solution corrections for buyer protection. We furthermore suggest switching to e-Statement provider in order to prevent late repayments because of postal delays.


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Hang Seng Cross-boundary WMC

Comprehensive wide range assistance linking to GBA potential [3]

H a R O WhatsApp: an alternative way to communicate

Have instant FX costs and timely market posts via WhatsApp [1]

5-Year eEndowment Life Insurance Coverage Program

Assured funds appreciate around 116.7percent upon maturity [4]

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Helping your online business travel higher at each stage

Safety details center

Essential observe

Hang Seng Financial Branch Solution Plan

In response into newest advancements during the COVID-19 scenario, the service several hours of street-level branches, outlets in MTR programs and company financial Centres being modified until more observe. For facts, kindly follow this link.

As a convenient substitute for going to Hang Seng provider factors, people are able to use one of several Bank’s other services channel, like e-Banking, cellular financial or cell financial (private users: 2822 0228 / industrial subscribers: 2198 8000) meet up with their particular banking wants.

Due to the utilization of improved security measures at the colleges, the means to access college campus could be restricted to staff members and students only. Visitors desperate to visit college branches are encouraged to contact our very own customer care Hotline at 2822 0228 beforehand.

The Bank apologise for almost any hassle brought about.

Safety Alarm

Do not be lured by quick cash. Do not give your finances to one to launder revenue. Watch out for crooks which provide fast money via telemarketing or social media programs to entice the public into attempting to sell or providing their own bank account or use their particular individual qualifications to open bank account. Crooks will then use these stooge reports for / launder deceptive costs or other criminal activity profits.

Never offer or lend the bank account or private credentials to others as these could be abused for illegal functions and might reveal that the risk of committing revenue laundering offences – the maximum penalty was a superb of HKD5 million and 14-year imprisonment. See more safety guidelines

If you have reliant kiddies plus don’t typically submit an income tax return, the IRS are obtaining details to be certain you will get the expanded-child-tax-credit month-to-month advance payments that are set to begin in July.

The latest non-filer signup software enables lower-income individuals in order to their unique personal facts to ascertain qualification when it comes down to child-tax credit in order to submit bank account rates for drive deposits, as half of the credit will be delivered as advance monthly premiums from July through December.

The non-filer means is only for the people parents or appropriate guardians who aren’t required to register a 2020 taxation return, such as those that have virtually no earnings or which lack a long-term target, and whom did not and don’t propose to achieve this.

People that submitted taxation in 2020 or 2019 and stated almost all their existing dependents should not use the instrument and do not have to take any extra actions to state the financing, due to the fact IRS should determine eligibility whilst processes comes back.

There are lots of different communities which can be excluded by using the new, non-filer means:

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