This is the photograph of the friendly finished 3-1 to the South Americans at the Eden Arena in Prague.

How does the hand injury on his performance? “The finger can feel it every time I touch the ball on offense and joke – explains the former Kazan spiker – not that they can not attack, but feels. The important thing is for everyone to see that I can crush then what bothers or hurts me is something that concerns me. ” Today begins the second Final Four of his Italian season. How will it be? “I expect a strong finish.

The four teams that are here are very strong, they are the top four in the league. It will be a beautiful final to see for the fans. ” Modena you have beaten a week ago in the championship and will be found today in the semifinals. “They have to do their job. It will be different from the championship game.

They lost and then try to do something different and more to change the outcome. Also we will try to do better the things that did not go. ” What has changed from Perugia Supercup now? “Just see how we play. I think we have made progress as a physical condition of course but also as a team, compared to the Supercup. ” Personally, what do you think so far his season in Perugia? “I’m very happy how I’m going and this first Italian season. I can improve but I’m making the most of what I could do.

I think in the end of the season I will be even better. ” In batting, however he did see who is: 76 ace leads the performance ranking. “In joke it goes well is a key they are very strong, I have to work on the fundamentals which are less strong.” And off the field Italian life satisfy you? “So far I like everything about life in Italy. The best thing is that we must not take planes all the time as it did in Russia.

It’s almost all accessible by bus. ” And the food? “Fresh fish and a lot of pasta”. Valeria Benedetti

March 18, 2019 – Milan Bisoli. Lapresse Pierpaolo Bisoli is no longer the coach of Padua. In the afternoon yesterday, the technician was relieved after the home defeat against Perugia: Padova occupies the penultimate position in the standings, +1 from Carpi (last) and four lengths away from Foggia and Crotone.

The bench was entrusted to Matteo Centurions, as stated in the club statement: “The company has decided to lift from his post in charge of the first team coach Pierpaolo Bisoli and assistant coach Danilo Nails. Leading the biancoscudati until the end of the current season will be coach Matthew Centurions, while assistant coach Massimiliano Esposito will. ” VIDEOS OF JOURNAL TV Gasport

March 2, 2019 – Milano It is always said that playing at home and starting as the favorite is an advantage. Look Montegranaro: is the team of the moment, comes with twelve wins in a row in the league, he just dug out the Land Rover Arena and organizes the Italian Cup A-2 to PalaSavelli of Porto San Giorgio, his home. Yet it is already out, it defeated in the quarterfinals by a surprisingly Bergamo, coming instead from a dark period (five defeats in seven games).

So will be the team coach Dell’Agnello face tonight (20.45), in the second semifinal, Treviso, who had simple life with Latin America. The first, scheduled at 18, instead will see in front of Virtus Roma and Fortitudo Bologna, both winners of the quarterfinals without worries (respectively Verona and Biella). Two challenges, like races on Friday, offering the interesting confrontation between East and West group so far in perfect balance.

Virtus easier – In the first quarter-final there was no story between the Roman team and Verona, which has never been able to stay in the game: the final score 77-60 in favor of Virtus. Next to a dozen lengths from the first quarter, the formation of coach Piero Bucchi took off already after the first half (46-27), making it impossible any ambition to comeback.

For the Scaligera went wrong almost nothing but decisive were the low percentages from the field (33.9%) and the fragility in rebounding (40-32 in Rome), as often happens, the Dalmonte’s team relied much shooting from the long (34 attempts, against 28 by two points), but without great success. To Rome – that puts four players in double figures – total game control and usual solid performance of the pair Use: Moore finished with 15 points and 4 assists, Sims on the 21 with 10 rebounds and 5 assists (29 rating).

Of note is the Alibegovic 10 rebounds and 7 assists Santiangeli. Basketball: Try bypassing the crushed car, but … well Treviso – More fun – at least initially – the second race in which Latin trying to play on par against an opponent objectively superior. If the start is balanced, thinks David Logan with two triples of his to start the first extension of the Venetians, between the first and second quarter (26-15).

Latin not give in and rely on the play of Carlson, but against Treviso shooters there is little to do in Imbros, Alviti and Logan wrong very little, and when taking on American aid is always free for anyone under the support basket. The 51-34 which concludes the first time already sounds like a k.o.

In the second the coach Gramenzi test team to raise their offensive rhythm, beginning to zone defense choices that do not pay, especially with Treviso so precise with a long (13/26) and solid under the basket. Ends smoothly for the team of coach Menetti (100-78), which enjoys the performance of Imvros (20 points and 6 rebounds), Weavers (21 with 8/8 to 5/5 from the field and free) and Logan (26 in as many minutes, with 6/8 from three). the effe flies – All too easy for Fortitudo, that trims 25 points in Biella, granting it to arrive soon to fifty proportion (75-50 final).

The talented difference, intensity and depth between the two teams made immediately (18-9 after 10 ‘), but in the first two quarters of Piedmont can limit the impetuosity of the Bologna team, despite the low shooting percentage. L’Aquila never risk, bearing in Biella at a safe distance and closing every speech only in the last part, by a relentless break (from 56-44 to 65-44). Debut soft for Carlos Delfino, author of 5 points in 19 ‘, with 1/9 from the field.

For coach Antimo Martino we think Mancinelli and Rosselli (15 points each), plus the usual Hasbrouck (12) and Fantinelli (11). surprise – After three little close racing, we think the evening compared to ignite the competition: you expect a Poderosa perky, and instead Bergamo right from the start to take control of the race. The baskets Roderick (10 points immediately) and a couple of factors triple dug the first furrow, allowing Lombard to close the first quarter ahead of twelve (25-13).

Montegranaro is still and lacking energy, Corbett not a guess, so the Italian team took the opportunity to widen the gap, also taking advantage of the good mood for pumpkin: the range is 50-32, a bit ‘too much because it does not reach the reaction of Marche, which arrives on time in the third quarter. A counter-part of 25-12, with Corbett and Simmons protagonists: Bergamo ahead with only five (62-57) apparently reopened the race, but it is not. La Poderosa in fact unable to complete the comeback and is forced to capitulate in a really exciting last part: ends 83-75 and the mvp is Roderick (24 points, 5 rebounds, 7 assists), along with a specific factors (18 points with four triples). Alberto Mariutto

March 26, 2019 – Milan Paqueta in action. AFP Better the Czech Republic in the first half, Brazil much higher in the second half. This is the photograph of the friendly finished 3-1 to the South Americans at the Eden Arena in Prague.

Of the “Italian” took to the field, Schick is more incisive in the first 45 ‘then comes pain still early recovery. In the second half, good test of Allan in the Brazilian midfield. Pavelka opened the scoring for the Czechs in the first half, in the second half Brazil reacts with Firmino and goals from Gabriel Jesus, started on the bench. change – Both come from unsatisfactory results.

The Czechs returning from the heavy 5-0 defeat by the British for the European qualifications; Brazil was pelted criticism for a 1-1 draw in a friendly with Panama. The hosts side with Pavlenka in goal; defense Coufal, Suchy, Celutska, Novak; midfield: Soucek, Pavelka, Darida, Masopust, Zmrhal; forward the Roma Schick. Jankto, owner against England, remains on the bench.

In Brazil, radical changes compared to Panama. All the defense, including the goalkeeper, is renewed: Alisson between the posts, Danilo on the right, central Marquinhos and Thiago Silva, with the insertion of the juventino Alex Sandro to the left; Casemiro in midfield and Allan, as Paquetá, goalscorer against Panama, confirmed owner; attack formed by Richarlison on the right, Firmino striker, Philippe Coutinho left.

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